As often does, from deep struggle comes great art. 

This holds true with Corey Writes. Growing up in the north end of Halifax (Uniacke St.) with it's tarnished reputation, Corey struggled with adversity from the moment he left his home.

As his world became darker and more dangerous, Corey began writing & rapping rhymes to vent some of his frustration.

With the encouragement of local producers and rappers, Corey released his first mixtape “In It 2 Win It” under the name of Vinny Deniroz. 

It was just after this time that Corey’s personal life took a turn for the worse. Deep pain and long periods of self reflection followed and from this struggle came the gripping and emotionally raw lyrics of  “Appreciate the Wait”, Corey’s second mixtape. 

“Appreciate the Wait is a shout-out to my true, true fans who have been there since day one. Every time I posted a freestyle, they were there.” 

The rhymes flow with the theme of growth, change, overcoming adversity and the discipline needed to live creatively. 

"It's not about not having competition, but more that, you are your own competition".

"I grew from my experience. A lot of people in my situation, guys locked up, they were broken by it. Something breaks inside of them and you can see in their eyes that the hope is gone. But I conquered that. I wouldn't let it break me.

I don't want anybody forgiving me for the things I've done, I don't want to forgive myself either, because then I feel like I'll be forgetting.

 But I can't let that tear me down from doing what I wanna do. I'm ready." 

Recognized almost immediately from a mixtape worth noticing, “Appreciate the Wait” was nominated as “Mixtape of the Year” & “East Coast Rap Album” for the 2015 Canadian Urban Television (CUT) Awards. Corey himself was nominated for “Songwriter of the Year” CUT Awards and “African Nova Scotian Artist of the Year” 2015 Nova Scotia Music Award. 

Omari Kase of, the #1 website for Canadian Hip Hop Music writes, “If you’re looking for the real, you’ve come to the right place; this right here is that “real” that the game’s been missing. 

... Corey Writes is new to the music scene, but his music tells a different story, the confidence he brings through his music shows absolutely no beginner jitters or flaws. 

 "Overload", the first single released Feb 2016. His second single "Picture Me Rollin" ft. (Juno Award Winner) JRDN released on Dec 2016. has over 150,000+ streams on Spotify. Both are singles from "Memoirs Of An Ex-con" an 8 - track EP released January 2018

Corey Writes has shared the stage with artists such as Nelly, Fetty Wap, T.I, Sean Kingston, Mad Child, Merkules, Peter Jackson and many more. He is no stranger to the crowd and has been known to steal the show.

Corey Writes will continue to rhyme, write and grind his way to improvement and you will notice it in his upcoming mixtape "PATIENCE" which will be released in the months to come.

With his clear focus and discipline, Corey is poised to be the next heavy weight rapper out of Nova Scotia.

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