Corey Writes is a Scotian artist. Born and raised in the greater Halifax/Dartmouth area. Growing up in low income housing neighborhoods and being influenced by crime for gain at a young age Corey is no stranger to the system, Writes has been incarcerated twice. Granted parole in 2015, Writes releases his first mixtape "Appreciate The Wait" dedicated to his true fans that waited for his homecoming. Followed by "Lost Files" & "CW The Tape" Since then, Corey Writes had shared the stage with artists such as T.I, Sean Kingston, Nelly, Fetty Wap, Swollen Members, Merkules and more. Early January 2018 Corey Writes released his first EP "Memoirs Of An Ex-Con" containing the singles "Picture Me Rollin" featuring JUNO award winning artist JRDN and "Overload" produced by Nelly Beats. November 2 2018 he released "Bodied" a lyrical slaughter, for all the listeners of lyrics, where Corey Writes raps for approximately 4 minutes straight. 

     Corey is also a big advocate for all social injustices. He has spoke at elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and even universities addressing such issues as poverty, being bullied, the differences of being diverse and racism. All things, he knows first hand. Corey Writes believes in paying it forward. 

     Corey also, started a movement called "Success Can Happen Every Moment Everywhere" it's to give motivation to those without or lack there of. It's to help those who only see things from one perspective because, a closed mind can not grow. Challenge things, question things, be innovative. Your glass is not half empty, it's half full. 



This EMBLEM symbolizes "FREE THINK" or "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX". Because whatever your walk of life we are all "PROGRAMMED" to think a certain way. 

The LINES represent the PEOPLE, no two are the same ,but yet WE STAND TOGETHER. It's all in your PERSPECTIVE, is your glass half empty or half full? (which LINES are going up/which LINES are going down) Once you start THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX, the box then becomes a SCOPE and you're more FOCUSED on  your SUCCESS. When you have more FOCUS then "Success Can Happen Every Moment Everywhere". Wear something with a PURPOSE, more than just an apparel.